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New E-751 Arrives
Thursday, October 29, 2015 
The NIH Fire Department recently took delivery of there new Pierce Arrow XT. The members will be training the next few weeks before the unit is placed in service.

Accord Ct. House Fire
Saturday, August 1, 2015 
At 07:55 hours AT-751 responded to 10 Accord Court in Co. 30's area for the House Fire. While enroute E-730 arrived on the scene with fire showing from the garage. BC-703 arrived on the scene and advised there was a report of a subject trapped on the 2nd floor. AT-751 crew was assigned to the garage division and pulled walls and ceilings while AT-751 driver threw ground ladders to side "Charlie". Command later determined the fire was out and units were placed in service when ready.

Crew: Capt. Burch, MFF Myers, Tech. Woodburn, Tech. McMahon

Hazmat on Campus
Saturday, July 18, 2015 
Co. 51 units responded to Building 11 (Power Plant) for the Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) leak. HM-751 arrived on the scene and found approx. 150 gallons of Caustic Soda mixed in a floor drain with a PH of 13. Co. 51 crew pumped (5) 55  gallon drums of material out of the drain to stop it from going into the sanitation system. Crews worked for approx. 4 hours before turning the incident over to the Division of Environmental Protection.

Crew: Capt. Burch, Capt. Blair, MFF Myers, Tech. Teagarden, Tech. Reeder, Tech. McMahon, Tech. Austill, Tech. Palatucci, Tech. Woodburn, Tech. Trengo

Hazmat Box in Mont. Co.
Monday, June 1, 2015 
At 11:07 HM -751 was alerted to the Hazmat Box at 707 Lowander Ln. in Co. 16's area in Montgomery Co.. Units arrived on the scene and found that the homeowner had dropped a bottle of Ortho weed killer in his basement which contained Malathion. HM-751 crew assisted HM-707 as the entry team. The entry team cleaned the spill and removed all materials from the residence. The area was then ventilated and all units were placed in service by Command.

Crew: Capt. Donaldson, Tech. Stephens, Tech. Teagarden, Tech. Byard

Big Truck Day
Monday, May 18, 2015 
NIHFD participated in the Bradley Hills Nursery annual "Big Truck Day". Every year the school displays various vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Dump Trucks, Excavating Equipment, Tractor Trailers and Military Equipment for the kids. This year was a big success with hundreds of kids and parents.

A-751 Runs Crash on Beltway
Sunday, May 17, 2015 
At 06:12 A-751 responded along with E-720 to the opposite lane assignment for the collision with entrapment. The original location was reported as the Outer Loop between Connecticut Ave & Rockville Pike. E-720 arrived on the scene and confirmed the incident was on the Inner Loop just before Connecticut Ave. with one trapped. Command requested A-751 stand-by until extrication was complete. Once the extrication was complete M-750 transported the patient.

Crew: MFF Myers, Tech. Bowers

High Rise Fire on Battery Ln.
Friday, May 15, 2015 
At 19:40 hrs. AT-751 responded as the 1st due truck on the highrise box at 5015 Battery Ln. AT-751 arrived on the scene and began checking floors 9-11. Crews found the fire on the 11th floor where the occupant had set some clothes on fire in the bathroom. The fire was contained to the bathroom and was quickly extinguished with no extension. AT-751 crew then began to assist with ventilation.

Crew: MFF Daffron, MFF Lowery, Tech. Leahy, Tech. Palatucci

Rayburn Rd House Fire
Thursday, May 14, 2015 
At 17:20hrs. AT-751 along with A-751 responded to there 2nd house fire of the day to 8515 Rayburn Rd. Units arrived on the scene with a light smoke condition on Division 1. Crews made entry to the basement and encountered a heavier smoke condition. After searching for the source in "Hoarder" like conditions the crew found a power strip that was on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished and AT-751 crew began to ventilate. After ventilation was complete Command placed units in service.

Crew: AT-751 - Capt. Burch, MFF Myers, Tech. Trengo, Tech. Woodburn

              A-751 - Tech. Reeder, Tech. Schomber

Mertford Rd. House Fire
Thursday, May 14, 2015 
At 13:03hrs. AT-751 responded as the 2nd due truck  to 3906 Mertford Rd. for the reported house fire with fire in the bedroom ceiling. E-705 arrived on the scene with a working attic fire. AT-751 crew took there assignment on division 2 and was reassigned to the roof to cut a 4x4 ventilation hole. After completing theres assigned task they were sent back to division 2 to asst with overhaul.

Crew: Capt. Burch, MFF Myers, Tech.Trengo, Tech. Woodburn

AT-751 Runs RID on 2 Alarm House Fire
Sunday, March 29, 2015 
At Approx. 22:30 AT-751 was dispatched to 6102 Bryn Mawr Ave in Co. 11's area for the house fire. Units arrived on the scene with a fire on the exterior of the house extending into the walls. Command requested the RID and later the 2nd alarm. Crews remained on the scene for approx. 3 hours before being released by command. 

Crew: Capt. Blair, MFF Myers, Tech. Austill, Tech. Palatucci

Photo Courtesy of MCFRS
   Photo Courtesy of MCFRS
Flash Fire in a Lab on Campus
Friday, February 20, 2015 
Co. 51 units responded to NIH building 8 for the activated pull station. Units arrived on the scene and was met by the occupant that advised she was working with Sodium Hydroxate and another chemical that caused a reaction. AT-751 crew investigated and found the fire to be extinguished by a fire extinguisher with no extension. One patient was transported to NIH OMS with burns to the hand.

Basement Fire on Hillmeade Rd.
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 
At 10:50 hrs. AT-751 was dispatched 2nd due truck to 6913 Hillmeade Rd. for the House Fire. Units arrived on the scene with a working basement fire. AT-751 crew was assigned to the RIG on side "Alpha" and then later assigned to the basement division to relieve AT-719. Units remained on the scene for approx. 4 hrs before being released by command.

Crew: Capt. Blair, MFF Weaver, Tech. Stephens, Tech. McMahon

Photos Courtesy of BCCRS

Tower Runs Mutual Aid High Angle Rescue
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 
At approx. 09:53 hrs. AT-751 responded to assist Montgomery County with a High Angle Rescue at 6903 Rockledge Dr. Units arrived on the scene to find 4 window washers dangling from the side of the structure do to an apparent malfuntion from there basket. AT-751 positioned under the incident and the driver prepared for a possible extraction. AT-751 crew was assigned to recon the 11th & 12th floors and prepare to remove the windows for extrication if necessary. The 4 subjects retreated on there own power to the roof with little assistance. No other FD services were required, Command cleared all units.

Crew: MFF Myers, MFF Daffron, Tech. Austill, Tech. Bede

Tower Runs 250 Gallon Diesel Fuel Spill
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 
At approx. 10:30 hrs. AT-751 responded to assist Montgomery County at 11418 Rockville Pike for the diesel fuel spill. Units arrived on the scene and found 250 gallons of diesel fuel spilled in the basement of the structure. AT-751 crew was assigned to assist in recon of all floors above and below grade. AT -751 crew was later re-assigned to ventilate and monitor floors 2-23.

Crew: Capt. Fowler, MFF Daffron, Tech. Austill, Teah. Leahy

2 Alarm Building Fire on Dudley Ln.
Sunday, February 1, 2015 
At approx. 03:00 hours AT-751 responded to a reported building fire across from 5151 Pooks Hill Rd.While enroute Montgomery ECC advised the correct location was 5114 Dudley Ln. AT-751 arrived on the scene on side "Alpha" and had visible fire and smoke from side "Delta". AT-751 reported to Division 3 and conducted a primary search of the apartment which was negative. AT-751 crew remained on the scene for approx. 3 hrs. and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul and was later placed in service by command.

Crew: Capt. Fowler, MFF Myers, Tech. Austill, Tech Trengo

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